Seeing in Shoreditch

Continuing to see

Patterns patterns errrywhere. Never without, always inspired.

Seeing day 12 + 13 + 14

Inspiration: W I N D O W F R A M E S  ///   F R A M E   S T U D I O S   ///   F L O W E R S

Seeing Day 10 + 11

Inspiration: S H A D O W S   I N   D R Y I N G   W A S H I N G   ///   L E A V E S   F O R    L U N C H

Seeing Day 9

Inspiration: T E A   T O W E L

This began with a 2 second abstract drawing of a tea towel I used to hold my hot bowl of leftovers during lunch.


I want to quickly take this opportunity to remind myself that this challenge I've set is not about quickly scrambling around to find something to post, BUT about learning to see again. Everywhere around us are things that can inspire our work & our lives. We're good at not taking notice. I'm doing this as I'd like to be more aware of my surroundings.


Inspiration: T R I A N G L E S

Seeing Day 5 + 6 + 7

Inspiration: W I N D O W S  //  B R U N C H  //  N E W   S T R U C T U R E

Seeing Day 3

Inspiration: C O O K I N G    D I N N E R

Seeing Day 2

My Inspiration: S P A R K L I N G    W A T E R

I took a photo through my sparking water bottle as the bubbles sparkled in the sun light. 

Seeing day 1

Today's Inspiration: M Y   D E S K   L E G S

Bold shapes, with strong directional lines & graphic shapes. I changed the images to black & white and increased the contrast as I felt like it transformed the object into something that could be newly interpreted. 

Learning to see again

Recently I went to a Pecha Kucha night & saw a woman called Alice Murray speak about her business, Patternity. I was like a small child in a candy shop listening to her speak & watching her slides. I have an obsessions with patterns, textiles, fabrics, symmetry, graphic shapes etc and I just had this overwhelming feeling of 'OMG, I need more of this in my life'.

I've switched my UI Daily Design across to my Design portfolio page & have decided to use this space (for at least a little while) as a daily pattern place. I'm challenging myself to see one pattern somewhere in my everyday life. I can photograph it, draw it or describe it, but the aim to start SEEING again. I'm especially inspired by nature, but there is so much beauty & so many things around us everywhere that can inspire one to be more creative. Today it begins. 

Over & out. 

Documenting my process

When it comes to travel I get a little obsessed with lists. I always think, "if I'm only in a place for a short time, I want to make sure I'm going to spend my time eating and exploring only the best places!", so I then spend hours and hours collecting info about my exciting destination. 

The process can be a little tedious, and incredibly time consuming. I enjoy it, so it doesn't bother me, but it made me think that there must be a better way. So, that's what I'm trying to explore now. 

We're going to go to Berlin for a week in mid Jan. I can't wait as everyone says how great Berlin is, plus it's where my mum is from. I haven't been back since I was 11, so it's going to be pretty amazing. I wanted to use this experience as way of documenting what I do to find the places I should go, and how I go about curating the content I find. Not much of a design post, potentially not very interesting, but pretty critical to finding a better solution!

  1. Ask friends who have been what they can recommend
  2. Follow up friends vs SMS, email, Facebook etc to ask them to send me lists
  3. Jump online and research (and create a bookmark folder for Berlin)
    • Berlin Bloggers
    • Travel blogs
    • Trip Advisor
    • Vogue Travel
    • Key words about Berlin & what I'm looking for
    • Research the area we are staying in
    • Pintrest
    • Timeout Berlin
  4. Ask my mum to send me a list of places

After I've done all of this I suddenly have a very long list of different things to do and try. A lot fall under food as that is my first priority! I then look over the list of recommendations and do a little more research about each online to figure which I should prfioritize. To do this I read reviews, look on Google Maps etc

Once I've got a slightly shorter list I'll put it into a Google Doc and star all the places on Google Maps so that when I'm walking around I can see if I'm close to any of my preferred destinations. 

I'm in the process of creating my list, so once it's ready I'll be sure to post it. 

My biggest issue however is that on Google Maps all I have is a map of yellow stars. I can't 'turn off' all the food stars when I'm looking for clothing shops, or colour-code different cafes either with good coffee or only food. It means I spend a lot of time looking at my map, clicking lots of different stars to try and figure what I'm wanting to find.

I guess this depends on everyones travel style, but I often like to start at one destination on my map, and then freely walk as I please knowing that I can redirect myself to another star if I am close by, or want good food (for example). It gives me the freedom to find new gems as well enjoy the ones I'd pre-picked out. 

Now you might be asking, Saskia, why not use something like FourSquare. Good question! I've downloaded the app and have tried using it a little bit, but I don't naturally enjoy the flow of events as I create my list, so I'm less likely to use it. I'm going to try to push myself to use it this trip though, as I think it's good user research. 

Next to come, my long list of places! 

Rails Girl Coding Weekend

Recently I took a little dive in the deep end & signed up to do a Rails Girls coding weekend. The aim is to provide a platform to encourage women to code & get involved in the tech industry, (using the language Ruby on Rails). I was a little terrified to go as I didn't know anyone & it turned out to be a huge event! 170 people, including coaches (maybe 50), a lot of laptops, questions, food & drink. 

I had a really great time, I was lucky to have an awesome team to work with, both a girl called Alice who was new to coding too, and our coach Andy. It was definitely information overload, but they created a really 'safe' environment where we really could ask any questions that we wanted & try to get a high level understanding of how it works. 

Now the task is trying to get myself to practice! As well as learning a little Ruby & Rails, we also used some CSS & HTML. From a designers perspective I found the CSS most rewarding because I could see what I was creating. It's like using Adobe, except you need to use code to get the same results. I think I'd like to focus on understanding more of that front end side, before diving into the backend. A long, but fun journey ahead! 

To see what we were working on, you can head here:

S xx

Short update

I'm writing this, less because I think people read it, and more to hold myself accountable! 

Sorry for not posting more #DailyUI posts. My day job has been HECTIC to say the least and I just haven't been able to find the time to squeeze these in. My goal in taking on the #DailyUI challenge was to push myself to think & deliver results more quickly than I currently do & also to focus on function before form. I think it's really easy to consider design just as a beautiful output of visuals, but without functionality (especially online), it's a waste, even if it's pretty. I do have every intention to get back on track with these and that's my promise to.....well me!

On another note, I'm off to #RailsGirls London tonight. A whole weekend of learning to code. Bring it on :)

#DailyUI // Day 4 // Calculator

Apologies that this is a little delayed, but here is the challenge for day 4: create a calculator. I was indecisive on colours so have attached two. Which one do you prefer? 

#DailyUI // Day 3 // Landing page

Day 3's challenge was to create a landing page (above the fold). What I found most tricky about this was actually figuring which content took priority. Content is king! Visual Hierarchy, what is visually appealing to pull the user in, and which content will then make them click?

Pocket Maps (name is a work in progress): Below are some of my thoughts
-Curating your curiosity
Create your journey
-Keep the world at your fingers
-Pocket Maps: for the best in-the-know
-Shared knowledge, best coffee, quiet reading spots...etc
-Local knowledge
-build your own trip, print it & be on your way
-We've worked with the locals from errrrrrywhere to bring you the top spots for your every desire.
-Pick what you want & we'll design, print it & you'll be on your way

Stay snazzy.
S xx


#DailyUI // Day 2 // Credit Card Form

#DailyUI // Day 2 // Credit Card Form

As I mentioned in my earlier post I am dedicating this challenge to a personal project I'm currently working on. I'm not quite ready to start speaking about it yet as it needs some love and attention first. Until then, please enjoy my rather vague concepts.
Todays challenge was to create a Credit Card Form. I wanted to make something that was simple, but still caught your attention through colour. My colour inspiration came from a photograph a dear friend of mine took of the ocean in New Zealand. 

I hope you enjoy it 
S xx

#DailyUI // Day 1 // Sign Up

Today I signed up to the 100 day Daily UI challenge. I'm not sure if I'll get through the entire thing, but I shall try my best! I also think it's a great way to push myself to be thinking creatively everyday. I'm going to dedicate this project to a concept I have for a small project. I guess you'll see it develop along the way! 


Let me know your thoughts & feedback :)

S xx