Learning to see again

Recently I went to a Pecha Kucha night & saw a woman called Alice Murray speak about her business, Patternity. I was like a small child in a candy shop listening to her speak & watching her slides. I have an obsessions with patterns, textiles, fabrics, symmetry, graphic shapes etc and I just had this overwhelming feeling of 'OMG, I need more of this in my life'.

I've switched my UI Daily Design across to my Design portfolio page & have decided to use this space (for at least a little while) as a daily pattern place. I'm challenging myself to see one pattern somewhere in my everyday life. I can photograph it, draw it or describe it, but the aim to start SEEING again. I'm especially inspired by nature, but there is so much beauty & so many things around us everywhere that can inspire one to be more creative. Today it begins. 

Over & out.