Rails Girl Coding Weekend

Recently I took a little dive in the deep end & signed up to do a Rails Girls coding weekend. The aim is to provide a platform to encourage women to code & get involved in the tech industry, (using the language Ruby on Rails). I was a little terrified to go as I didn't know anyone & it turned out to be a huge event! 170 people, including coaches (maybe 50), a lot of laptops, questions, food & drink. 

I had a really great time, I was lucky to have an awesome team to work with, both a girl called Alice who was new to coding too, and our coach Andy. It was definitely information overload, but they created a really 'safe' environment where we really could ask any questions that we wanted & try to get a high level understanding of how it works. 

Now the task is trying to get myself to practice! As well as learning a little Ruby & Rails, we also used some CSS & HTML. From a designers perspective I found the CSS most rewarding because I could see what I was creating. It's like using Adobe, except you need to use code to get the same results. I think I'd like to focus on understanding more of that front end side, before diving into the backend. A long, but fun journey ahead! 

To see what we were working on, you can head here: http://fierce-journey-7985.herokuapp.com/

S xx