#DailyUI // Day 3 // Landing page

Day 3's challenge was to create a landing page (above the fold). What I found most tricky about this was actually figuring which content took priority. Content is king! Visual Hierarchy, what is visually appealing to pull the user in, and which content will then make them click?

Pocket Maps (name is a work in progress): Below are some of my thoughts
-Curating your curiosity
Create your journey
-Keep the world at your fingers
-Pocket Maps: for the best in-the-know
-Shared knowledge, best coffee, quiet reading spots...etc
-Local knowledge
-build your own trip, print it & be on your way
-We've worked with the locals from errrrrrywhere to bring you the top spots for your every desire.
-Pick what you want & we'll design, print it & you'll be on your way

Stay snazzy.
S xx